Elevator Interiors are an important part of your property's image and often critical to first impressions. Both prospective and current tenants will appreciate the attention given to this space and the effect it has on the overall appearance of a business. Transform your elevators to a whole new level with TOMAR, Inc.
We focus on the design, fabrication and installation of custom elevator interiors and elevator entrance treatments. We handle both new construction and remodeling of existing elevator interiors, working with elevator contractors, general contractors, owners, property managers, developers, architects and interior designers to make it happen.
Be cautious of companies who do not specialize in elevator interiors. Only a company who understands the specifics behind elevator interiors and the elevator cab structure should be considered for the job. A complete understanding of elevator codes, weight restrictions, ventilation, lighting and proper installation methods will help you avoid problems with inspectors, and keep your new interiors looking their best.
Our extensive experience in the industry enables us to take into consideration your ideas, allowance and/or budget. We can help you choose the plan and finish materials for the aesthetics you desire, emphasizing durability, functionality, practicality, serviceability and code compliance.
Whether it's replacing just a handrail or providing you with a complete new interior, you've come to the right place - TOMAR Elevator Components Inc.